Friday, July 5, 2013

Kitchen Science: No Bake Cookies Without a Recipe

Every day during summer camp, we had a daily snack that we turned into a learning experience. Since everyone needs to eat, opportunities for learning and preventing summer brain drain happen every day! 

One simple activity that we did during camp could be easily adapted to any snack or dessert at home. We started by dividing our campers into two groups. One group prepared No Bake Cookies with a recipe.

This group got to learn about measuring, adding fractions, and following instructions. Our second group got to make No Bake Cookies without a recipe! We had fun thinking about what ingredients to include and guessing about how much of something should be included. 

We turned this into a little bit of a competition and the kids loved that! The great thing about this activity is that it is pretty impossible to ruin No Bake Cookies. Even though our experimental batch never really set up, the kids gobbled them up just the same. Everyone claimed to like their own version best! Considering the fact that we learned so much in the process, this was a win/win activity for everyone! 

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