Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hogwarts Summer School Week 5

The students who are participating in the Hogwarts Summer Fun Challenge just completed Week 5. Some of our students are even completing their course work in Ireland this week! I love these world traveling witches and wizards.

Here are the some fun activities they completed for their courses this week.

Rollerskating for Quidditch. Some Hogwarts students got to try rollerskating for the first-time. Muggle sports are so much fun!

Writing a nature poem and creating a scroll with twigs for Herbology.


Creating a secret message using letters cut out of magazine for Ancient Runes.

Delivering a treat to the nurses at a local hospital for Charms.

 Making flower crowns for Herbology.

And creating recycled robots for Transfigurations.

Now to announce the winner of the House Cup this week. Drum roll please....
Gryffindor has retaken the lead! Harry and the gang would be proud. Slytherin and Ravenclaw are following close behind so let this be a warning to the Gryffindor House members, you better keep working hard during Week 6.
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