Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Preschool Activities: Letter of the Week {Gg}

By Tiffany Rudd
   * Growing Garden: I thought this healthy snack idea from Crack of Dawn Crafts was super cute!

Favorite Books:
   * The Three Billy Goats Gruff: This book is such a fun classic. I remember my mom reading this to us when I was in preschool. Deborah has a super fun activity to go along with this story in a bedtime book she is working on. Hopefully soon I can talk her into sharing it. :) 
    * Goodnight Moon & Goodnight Goon: These are two favorite bedtime stories at our house. I'm sure you've heard of Goodnight Moon before, but if you haven't read the parody Goodnight Goon you should definitely check it out!
   * Grass & Glitter Gg: I love this idea over at Rockabye Butterfly. I've done glitter g's with my preschoolers before, but never grass. They would love it!
 * Glue Paints: I can't believe I have never thought to add food coloring to school glue and let the kids "paint" with it. I'll definitely be trying this idea from Almost Unschoolers asap!
 * Pom-Pom Gumballs: Confessions of a Homeschooler has a bunch of super cute gumball printables. I love the idea of adding pom-pom gumballs! 

   * Rated G for Great! I gave each of my preschoolers a badge like this, and we took time to celebrate each of the great kids in our class. I listed their great qualities, gave this badge as an "award," and we gave each G rated kid a round of applause. It was a big hit. Click on the photo below to print a set of badges for your G rated kids. :)

Free Printables: Click on the photos below to print your flashcard and writing practice page for the letter Gg.

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