Thursday, April 5, 2012

Elementary Activities: Secret Notebook

by Tiffany Rudd
When my son learned to write, one of the first things he loved to create were letters. Letters to me and my husband, letters to his grandparents and cousins, and even letters to his little sister. I wanted a way to keep these treasures and to encourage him to continue writing, so I started our “Secret Notebook”. Just a simple spiral-bound notebook that has become special in our family. The first page is a letter from me that reads...
Dear Cameron,
Do you want to write letters to each other in this book? We can put it in fun  places for each other to find. I love you so much and I am proud of you. You are learning to read and write so well. It is so cool! I love you!
Love, Mom
Write me a letter on the next page okay? Let’s keep it a secret! :)
The next page says...
Yoo or the best mom! I luf yoo. Yoo do good thens to me. I luf you. Yoo or the best mom. 
Frum Cameron
Now the notebook can be found waiting on pillows, in dresser drawers, or even in the bathroom. A few times he has written letters to say I’m sorry, and thank you for certain things, but mostly we just write “love notes” back and forth. One of my favorites is one Cameron wrote to his little sister...
Broclin (Brooklyn)
Yoo or the best sistr. I lik you. Yoo or boodifl (beautiful).
Frum Cameron
I can look back now and see how his spelling is improving, and just the sight of our little red notebook always makes me smile. I think I paid $1.00 for it. Money well spent. 
P.S. If you start a notebook of your own, remember it is not the place for correcting spelling or pointing out mistakes. If Cameron asks me how to spell a word, I write it in the front cover of the book so he can refer back to it if he chooses, but I never give advice if he doesn’t ask. This writing should just be fun and encouraging, not homework.
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