Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Preschool Activities: Alphabet in Eggs

by Deborah Pace Rowley

Before you put away your plastic Easter Eggs for the year, use them for this fun and easy learning activity. Gather up a few tiny toys that can fit inside the Easter Eggs. I found a little car, a Littlest Pet Shop animal, a piece of play food, a key, and a small game piece. Then I wrote the letters that those objects started with on small pieces of paper. You could also use small magnetic Alphabet letters or cards you may have from another game.
Put the toys in some eggs and the letters in other eggs. To make the game easier for 3 and 4 year olds, keep the eggs with letters on one side of the table and the eggs with toys on the other side of the table. To play, have your child open up one egg with a letter and try to find its match by opening up the eggs with toys until you find the right one.  Help your child practice saying the sound the letter makes as you look at each toy to see if they match. For 5 year olds, just mix up the toys and the letters so that the game is more of a challenge. Continue to play until all the eggs have been matched.  If you want to continue the fun, send your child off to find more items to put in the eggs. He/she can then write the beginning letters with your help and you can start the game again.   
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