Thursday, April 19, 2012

Elementary Activities: My Favorite Educational Apps & Websites

by Tiffany Rudd
Since my oldest is just 6, I didn't have a ton of experience with apps and websites for older kids. Don't worry though, I sacrificed just for you and spent a little (okay, maybe slightly more than a little) time playing scientifically testing games to share with you. I have to admit, I found some that were extremely addicting and even learned a few things myself. Let me tell you, playing games is hard. {Cough, Cough} But I'd do anything for our readers. :)

My Favorite Educational Apps - Elementary +
1. Math With Springbird (Full Version $2.99, but the FREE version has basic addition and subtraction) This is a fun game with the cutest little birds. You solve math problems to earn worms, fly your way up to rescue birds trapped in cages, and even buy cute accessories to dress up your birds. 

2. Futaba (FREE, but for $2.99 you can get the Full Version and add learning sets) I love this game because it can be played alone or with up to 4 players competing against each other, which we've had fun with in our family. In the game you are picking the correct word to go with the picture shown. The free version is a great way to practice vocabulary/site words. In the full version you can add learning sets to practice telling time, math concepts, currency, and even a foreign language. 

3. Stack the States ($0.99) Warning, this app is totally addicting! You answer questions about state capitals, bordering states, state parks, etc. to earn states that you stack on top of each other to try to reach the checkered line. It may not sounds all that exciting, but I'm telling you, don't get this app unless you have time to sit and play learn for way longer than you planned!

4. Doodle Fit ($0.99) This app comes with a guarantee, "Once you start playing you won't be able to stop!" I have to admit it is true. This is basically a tangram game for older children. You have to fit a given set of blocks into a given shape. As you get further along they get pretty tricky, so this is a great one for higher-level thinking and problem solving. 

5. Robot Tycoon (FREE lite version, $4.99 for Full Version) This is a great app for a future entrepreneur! You sell and build robots and make decisions based on cost vs. income. You can even expand your business by building a storefront or factory, but first you have to increase your cash flow!

6. Pizza Fractions (FREE) This is a great way for kids to master simple fractions using pizza slice examples. Even my 6 year old was able to grasp the concept of simple fractions with this app, but it's perfect for 2nd-6th graders.

7. Word BINGO ($0.99) This is a fantastic app for practicing site words. It includes a BINGO game where you tap on the word the BINGO bug says, and a Spelling Practice game where you drag letters to spell the words the bug says. Cameron loves earning the cute little BINGO bugs for his collection.

8. K12 Timed Reading Practice (FREE lite version, $1.99 for Full Version) Fluency (how quickly and smoothly you read) is such an important part of reading comprehension. This app has your child read fun stories at his/her reading level and tracks words per minute. It will even tell you where your child fits compared to average reading rates. Then you can set goals and work with your child to improve his/her fluency.

9. Fast Facts (FREE) This free app comes in Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. It's not fancy, but it is a great flash-card like way to practice and increase speed on basic math facts. 

10. A Basic Time App (FREE) This is a very simple app for learning and practicing telling time. It includes narrated instruction with example clocks and practice questions.
My Favorite Educational Websites - Elementary +

1. - This website has all kids of math games like math Baseball and Math Fact Tic-Tac-Toe. Plus, reading activities including Mad Libs, comics, and even the web version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. There is even online Sudoku and a section with games parents and kids can play together. 

2. - Too many great games and resources to list! From lessons on compound words to keyboarding practice and spelling games. I had way too much fun playing the Music Memory game.

3. - I love the slogan "Play with Numbers and Give your Brain a Workout!" My favorite section on this site is called Manipulatives because it gives kids access to great math manipulatives like pattern blocks, geometry boards, and probability spinners they probably don't have at home. 

4. - I was so excited to find this resource for children's book reviews and author features. This website would be a great way to find new books and series for your child to read. 

5. - This is a website for High School students. You answer questions about vocabulary, math, science, geography, etc. and for every question you get right they donate 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program. There is even an SAT prep section. Learning and feeding hungry people at the same time. Very cool. 

6. - Tons of fun an educational games divided by grade level. There is even a Latitude and Longitude Treasure Hunt! For grades K-5.

7. - Lots of games to practice reading and math, plus puzzles, mazes, and even dot-to-dots. I was especially excited to find lots of games for practice counting money. 

8. - This is a fun site for kids (or parents) who are interested in learning about any topic. There are articles on tons of topics from math and science to sports and music, or even fashion. There is also a great homework help section.

9. - What a great site for spelling and vocabulary practice! Your child can enter his/her spelling list and it will create flashcards, practice games and even a test. 

10. - This would be a great site for motivating summer reading! It's a free site by Sylvan where kids can find books, take quizzes on books they have read and even earn prizes. 

You can find my list of Favorite Educational Apps & Websites for Preschool Kids HERE
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