Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Preschool Activities: Habitat Sort

by Tiffany Rudd
This fun and easy activity combines two important preschool concepts, animal habitats and sorting. It takes just a few minutes to prep, but has always been a favorite of my kids and my preschool students. 
1. Print out the habitat pictures I created HERE. I’ve included Ocean, Farm, Forest, Jungle/Rainforest, and Arctic. 
2. Gather any small animals you have around the house. Have your children help with this part. It doesn’t matter if the animals aren’t from the same set, just gather any figurines/small stuffed animals you have around. If you don’t have many animals, you can print some small pictures or cut pictures from magazines. 
3. Spend just a few minutes talking about each habitat and what kind of animals would live in each. 
4. Let the sorting begin! You may need to help a little the first time. 
5. Depending on the age of your child you can discuss why certain animals live in certain habitats. For example, what do each of the Arctic Animals have to help them stay warm in their cold habitat? 
6. Watch your child enjoy sorting the animals over and over again! :) You may want to laminate your pictures, or just slip them into plastic page protectors.

Print the Animal Habitat Pictures HERE.
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