Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Preschool Activities: Counting & Learning Numbers

By Tiffany Rudd
Counting and number recognition are important concepts for preschoolers to learn. They are also very fun to teach and practice!

If your child is new to learning numbers, it is a good idea to start with counting. First, just practice counting to 10. You can count together while you clean up toys or get dressed. Once your child can count to 10, start having her count items. This is a great time to use snacks as a teaching tool.

Snack Ideas: 
      * Any small item (marshmallows, raisins, fish crackers, etc) can be used to practice counting and numbers. First, give her a pile of snacks and have her tell you how many there are. Once she has learned to recognize the number symbols you can show her and number and have her count enough treats to match.
 TIP: Teach your child to move the items to a new pile as she counts. This will help her avoid recounting or skipping items, which is very common at this age.
 Activity Ideas:
      *Choo-Choo Train Counting: Click on the photo to print these fun number trains and read about the fun ways you can use them.
      *Catch Anything: I know I keep sharing this activity, but it is such a fun one for practicing just about any concept. Click on the photo below to print the mitt and the numbers practice page.

Free Printables:
      *My Number Book: This is a simple printable book for tracing and recognizing the numbers 1-10. Click on the photo below to print a copy for your child.
      *Ladybug Game: I created this fun game for my preschoolers this year and it was a big hit. Just follow these simple steps to play this game at home...

Step 1: Click on either photo below to print the game, number cards, and dots.

 Step Two: Cut out the number cards and black dots. You can cut out the dots on the printable, or just fold a black piece of construction paper and cut out your own.

Step Three: Put on your ladybug costume and don't forget your ladybug wand. Of course this step is essential for playing a ladybug game. ;)

Step Four: Play! The goal is to place a number card in the square and then give the ladybug enough spots to match the number. 

I hope these resources are helpful and that you have fun learning numbers with your child!
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