Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hogwarts Week 5 Results

We have finished Week 5 of the Hogwarts Summer Fun Challenge. The students had an amazing time and the winner of the House Cup this week is....

Our Ravenclaw students just can't be defeated! They are doing awesome with an average score this week of 6.8. Gryffindor was close behind with a score of 6.5 and Hufflepuff surged to move into third place. Good Luck Students as you complete the challenges for Week 6.

If you are participating on your own, here is the list of course and activities.

Hogwarts Week 6

Now lets see what the students accomplished for their classes in Week 5.

For Potions the students had to create a treat with a  Disney Theme:

 Here are 101 Dalmatians Ice Cream Sandwiches

Don't worry. Olaf wasn't really roasted! 

Here is Olaf in the summer swimming in a pool of blue jello!

  Here is a picture of the Frozen party one of our cute students had this week. 

 Here is Mickey with crackers and cookies.

And another yummy giant Mickey! 

And here are some cute Mickey pancakes. 

For Herbology the students had to create a boat from natural materials. 

For Quidditch the students played the game Knock, Knock Your Socks Off!

Please note: Do not play with House Elves or overly competitive children!

For Transfigurations the students had to magically transform a plain picture frame into a work of art!

For History of Magic the students had to read under the covers with a Flashlight. 

My favorite part of Week 5 was hearing about all the amazing inventions that the students thought up for Astrology. Here are a few examples:

I will invent a portable flying car/ time machine called the Pcar. Press a button and it shrinks to fit in any size pocket and then with the press of a button it will take you where or whenever you want to go.

I will invent a unicorn pegasus that has magic in her horn that will teleport you where you want to go and can fly at 100 miles per hour.

I will invent a music player that will play the song you want to hear just by saying the name of that song.

I will invent a special microphone that allows you to understand what animals are saying.

I will invent spray-on pants with retractable belts.

I will invent a robot that looks like my puppy Oscar that will do all my chores and clean up after itself. I will name it Oscar the second but in a robot version.

Great work students. The future is bright because of your magical imaginations! Good luck with Week 6!

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Begin with the End in Mind

I have been working on recording the histories of my in-laws, Melvin and Dixie Rowley. They are incredible people. It has been a sacred experience to sit at their feet and listen to the stories of their lives. At the end of several days of intense interviewing, I ask them what they hoped to be remembered for.

Melvin said that he wanted to be remembered as a hard worker.

Dixie said that she wanted to be remembered as someone that loved her children.

What was so interesting about these responses is that I called my husband and asked him what he thought his parents would want to be remembered for. He quickly said "hard work" for his dad and "loved her children" for his mom. Isn't that amazing? They have lived their lives aligned with their truest values. And they will be remembered for the things that were most important to them.

As I worked on this project, I couldn't help but wonder what I would be remembered for. Is it for something that I want to be remembered for? Or something I wish I wouldn't be? Someone who was always on the computer, perhaps!

I titled this post Begin with the End in Mind.  Imagine you have come to the end of your life and you are asked, What do you want to be remembered for? Answer that question and then work backwards. What do you need to do right now so that you will be remembered that way? How can you make that important quality or action more visible in your life on a daily basis?

I hope I will be remembered as someone who prayed to God with great faith and always turned to Him for help in hard times. As I typed that sentence, I realized that we have gotten lax in our morning prayers this summer. Everyone wakes up at different times and I haven't been gathering my children to pray as often as I should. Something tells me that I need to change if I am going to be remembered the way that I hope I will be. Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Flashlight Limbo and Other Night Games

Kids and flashlights are so much fun in the summertime. Students at Hogwarts will be playing Flashlight Limbo this week. And here are a few other night games for you to try. 

Flashlight Limbo
This game is as easy as it sounds. Simply gather two flashlights and have two people hold them facing each other. Other players then try to Limbo Under the beam of light. Those holding the flashlights can lower the beam of light each round to make the Limbo even more challenging. Turn on Limbo music to add to the fun. 

Ghosts in the Graveyard
Basically this is a game of reverse hide-and-go-seek. Select one or two players to be ghosts. They go and hide somewhere in the playing area. While they are hiding, the rest of the group gathers at the "home" or "safe" area, closes their eyes and counts (loudly), "One, o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock..." all the way up to "Thirteen o'clock". Then the players fan out through the playing area, looking for the ghosts. If a player spots one of the ghosts, she yells "Ghost in the graveyard, run, run, RUN!" This warns everyone to race back to the safe area. At the cry of "ghosts in the graveyard", the ghosts, too, are free to move and chase the players. Anyone they tag becomes a ghost in the next round. So in the first round of the game you only have one or two ghosts, but as the game progresses, you may have many ghosts all at the same time.
Note: Regardless of which ghost is spotted first, once a player yells "Ghost in the graveyard, run, run, RUN!", ALL the ghosts are free to run. This is one of the elements that makes this game scary, since a player could be concentrating on a ghost she can see, only to turn around and find another ghost emerging from a hiding spot!

To Play: Gather all the players in one spot. Send two or three players out into the play area with flashlights. These are the "fireflies". These players can either walk around the play area or stay in one spot, but either way they must flick their flashlight on-off, on-off, like a firefly. The rest of the players must try and catch a firefly by sneaking up to her. If one of the fireflies sees or hears a stalker, he or she may stop flashing the light for 30 seconds. Once all the fireflies have been captured, the game is repeated with new players as fireflies.

Here are a few great night games for younger children: 

Flashlight freeze – Get silly and work out the wiggles by dancing and moving until the flashlight beam hits which is the signal to freeze!  Those who move in the light are out!
Flashlight follow – Simply have your kids try to jump into the circle of light while you move it around and watch the giggles.
You could also tell ghost stories while holding a flashlight to your face. And don't forget to take your flashlight to bed so you can read under the covers for History of Magic this week. 

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Family Game: Knock, Knock Your Socks Off!

For Quidditch this week, the Hogwarts students get to play the game Knock, Knock Your Socks Off! This is our favorite game to play as a family.

I discovered this game almost 15 years ago in Family Fun Magazine. We played it almost weekly for family night when my four oldest were small.  Playing games like this as a family is a great way to teach your child important social skills. In a safe family setting, kids learn how to be good sports and accept both winning and losing with grace. They learn how to play energetically without crossing the line and playing too rough. And they burn off a whole lot of energy in the process! What could be better?
All you need is a carpeted area of the floor and some socks. At the signal, (we shout "Knock, Knock Your Socks Off! together) all the participants crawl around on the floor on their hands and knees and try to grab the socks off the other participants. When you lose one of your socks, you can continue playing. When you lose both of your socks, you must sit out and watch the rest of the game from the couch. The last player with at least one sock still on wins.
Tip: Use only clean socks unless you want to have an unfair advantage over your opponents!
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Easy Disney Treats

This week for Potions, the students get to make a Disney Treat. Here are some fun and easy ideas.

Must Try Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

Mickey Mouse Oreos

Mickey Mouse Lunch

Monsters University Tin Can Cakes

Jessie Cowgirl Hat Cookies

Of course, sometimes making something Disney can be as easy as arranging things on a plate!

 Mickey Mouse Pancakes

 Finding Nemo Carrot Sticks

 Snack it Up!

 Build Your Own Olaf

Cars Stoplight Brownies

Mouse Ear Doughnuts

Oreo Mickey

Have fun mixing it up with the Mouse this week. Don't forgot to play some Disney music in the kitchen while you work some magic. Bibbity Bobbity Boo! 

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