Wednesday, August 13, 2014

First Day of School Conversation Snacks with QR Codes

My son went back to school today! Yikes! How did this happen? I don't start for another two weeks but for those of you already heading back to school, here is my favorite post from last year. It will get your kids talking about their first day experiences. 

First print out these tags and attach them to a cute bottle of pop and to a brown paper sack.

First Day of School Snack Tags

Leave the paper sack empty and let your child fill it as he or she answers the following questions:

1. Did you like your new teacher?
If Yes, add a handful of Skittles

If No, Add some sour skittles

2. Did you like your new class?

If Yes, add a handful of M&M's

If No, add a handful of raisins

3. Did you make a new friend?

If Yes, add a handful of peanuts

If No, Add a Handful of Cheerios Cereal

4. Did you like your lunch?

If Yes, add a handful of chocolate chips

If No, add a handful of pretzels

5. Did you do one assignment or project that you were proud of?

If Yes, add a handful of Smarties Candies

If No, add a handful of Airhead bites

Then your child can eat his or her snack mix and drink the soda pop as you talk about the first day of school. You can even pack up the treats and go to the park!

Here is what you will need to buy:
Sour Skittles
Cheerios Cereal
Chocolate Chips
Airhead Bites

There are two ways you can do this activity.
#1. You can print out the first day of school questions with pictures. The pages look like the blog post above with questions and answers telling what they should add.

First Day of School Questions with Pictures

#2. Or you can print out these pages with QR Codes for the answers. I like the QR codes because when you use a smart phone to scan the Yes or No answers, you get a little compliment or pep talk along with the snack item. (Note: All you need to scan QR Codes with a smart phone or tablet is a QR Code Reader such as Qrafter Pro.)

First Day of School Questions with QR Codes

Here is an example of one of the messages that is included on a QR Code page:

No, you didn't do an assignment you are proud of today.
But tomorrow is your day to shine! Just try to do your best every day and that will make me proud!

Add this to your snack mix:

Sometimes it is discouraging as a Mom when we want to hear all about our child's day at school and all we get are answers like this: "It was okay." "Fine." "I don't know." "Nothing." "Sure." etc. etc.

I hope this activity will help you celebrate the first day of school and get a little bit more information out of your student! Enjoy!

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