Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hogwarts Week 7 Results

The winner of the House Cup for Week 7 is..... Wait for it.....

I think it took Slytherin's win last week to motivate some of our Gryffindor students!

Check out some of the fun assignments that the students did for their classes this week.

If you are participating on your own, here is the list of Week 8 Classes and Activities.

Hogwarts Week 8

Quidditch- Play Musical Sprinkler Freeze

Divination- Make school year predictions and save them somewhere safe and locked away.

Arithmancy- Make a homemade bowling game and learn how to keep score. 

Potions- Make a lucky potion and then play a board game to see if your lucky potion worked!

Herbology- Laying outside and see animals in the clouds.

History of Magic- Read in the tub or on a pool float.

Ancient Runes- Write down three magic wishes for the future. 

Transfiguration- Turn your footprint into something amazing. 

Astrology- Look at the stars and count your many blessings. (And if you have been really good this week, have a marshmallow roast at the same time!!)

Great work students! Have fun completing your last week of Hogwarts Classes.

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