Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hogwarts Week 8 Results

We are so sad that the Hogwarts Summer Fun Challenge has come to an end. The Grand Prize Winner for the House Cup this summer is....

Congratulations Gryffindors! Harry, Ron, and Hermione would be proud. We are excited to start sending out the certificates, Bertie Botts Beans and Wands to the winners. If you didn't participate this summer, please join us next summer for new activities and even more summer fun.

Here are some last photos of the fun the students had at Hogwarts this week.

Having a reading marathon with pillows and snacks!

Playing Yatzee or Dominoes....

Mixing a magic potion that will cause another family member to obey your every command! Do you think it worked? 

Playing a new outdoor game as a family! Love the stilts!

Taking a picture of the sunset. Look how beautiful. 

Going Geocaching for the first time... 

Writing a Thank You Note to a Coach or Teacher. 

Making some goals for the new school year and hanging on the ceiling in your room. 

Transforming natural objects into something new and different. Check out the creativity displayed below! 

And my favorite... sending a summer letter to a family member or friend. 

These boys really wanted to send their summer letter to their Grandmother who has recently passed away. They attached their letters to balloons and sent them to heaven for Grandma to read. How precious is that? 

Thanks so much to everyone for participating. I think this has been my favorite year yet. Watch for your prizes in the mail in about three weeks! 

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