Friday, October 19, 2012

Elementary Activities: Learning To Tell Time

By Tiffany Rudd
Since Cameron is in 1st grade this year, they have started learning how to tell time. Reading an analog clock can definitely be difficult for kids, so we've been practicing extra at home. Here are a few of the activities and websites that have been a hit.
      * Homemade Practice Clock: This clock (see photo above) was super simple to make. I just cut a short and long hand out of construction paper and attached them to the plate using a brad fastener. I recommend making the hands different colors as it makes it easier to distinguish for a beginning learner. I then added the numbers 1-12 around the edge of the plate. I also added the minutes (5, 10, 15, 20, etc.) along the inside edge.
      * For an even easier homemade practice clock, you can just print and assemble one HERE
      * Telling Time Memory Game: All I did to make this fun time memory game was print two copies of these CLOCK FLASHCARDS. Then I just cut them out and clued them to pieces of construction paper so you couldn't see through them. You just play with these like any memory game, where you take turns turning over two cards to see if they match. When you find a match you just have to tell what time the clocks say before you can keep them. The two of us have had so much fun playing this simple matching game.  
      * This is one of my favorite learning websites and it has a really fun time travel game for learning to tell time.
      * Click HERE to print telling time practice worksheets.

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