Friday, July 19, 2013

Alka-Seltzer Rockets

Another huge hit at summer camp was Alka-Seltzer Rockets. Any time something explodes you know you have a great project on your hands!

I didn't get very good pictures of this activity but it kept our campers from 4 to 14 entertained for at least an hour. 

I collected clear Fuji film canisters from my local camera shop. They donated them to the cause for free. The camera shop located near the university had the biggest selection. That is because students at the university are still developing film in their photography classes. You can also buy film canisters inexpensively from Steve Spangler Science here.

We experimented with different temperatures of water to see which created the biggest explosion. We tried cold, warm, and hot water. Can you guess which created the biggest reaction?

To create your rocket, simply fill the canister half full with water than drop in a quarter of a tablet of alka-seltzer. Snap on the lid. Quickly put the canister upside down on the ground and run away! Then watch your rocket take off! 

I think our highest rocket went close to 20 feet! We discovered that you could even reuse an alka-seltzer tablet for a quicker lift off a second time around. 

The Steve Spangler Science website has these cool variations below with ways you can make your film canister actually look like a rocket. Decorating your rocket in the beginning will even add to the fun factor and the amount of time you can keep your kids busy with this activity. 

On these long, hot summer days, this activity is the perfect way to kill some time and have a blast!!

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  1. Huge thanks to you for sharing our rockets and science activities! We are sharing your post on our social networks. It looks like you had a fun afternoon with rocket science and a big mess!


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