Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hogwarts Summer School Week 4

The participants of our Summer Fun Challenge have just passed the halfway mark. These are some of the fun activities they participated in for Week 4.

Weeding a garden to serve someone else for Charms.

Leaving a surprise for their mail carrier in the mail box. 

Making thumbprint art for Transfigurations.

Mailing a message in a bottle for Ancient Runes. 

Painting a mint leaf for Potions. 

By far the hardest activity for this week was getting up early in the SUMMER to watch the sunrise!
Congratulations to all those brave souls who completed this difficult challenge! 

Now the winner of the House Cup for Week 4 is.....

Congratulations to all the Ravenclaw House Members for passing Gryffindor to take the lead this week! Great job!

All the houses did awesome and many students have already earned their summer school completion certificate. Some overachievers have already earned their Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans!
Way to go! Keep up the great work for Week 5. 

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