Monday, July 22, 2013

Family History Treasure Hunt

Last weekend, Tiff and I gathered with the rest of our family for a 3-day family reunion in Midway, Utah.

We had so much fun riding Jet-Skis at Deer Creek Reservoir.

Some family members even tried out the new sport of flyboarding!

My favorite part of the reunion was when we traveled to the nearby town of Heber City to learn more about our Mom's childhood.

Mom had planned this treasure hunt so that all of her children and grandchildren could visit the places that she grew up.

One of the clues led to the hospital where she was born.

Another clue led to her elementary school.

Another clue led to the gravesite of my older brother who died as an infant.

(This is a picture of my parents Bill and Beverly Pace on the day that they got married!)

At each spot, we had to retrieve an envelope that contained a story about that location. With our little group of treasure hunters, we read the story out loud and then decided on two questions we could ask the rest of the family about that story.

(*Note: Our reunion was originally planned for this coming weekend at the end of July. But when the dates changed, my Mom didn't want to change all the materials she had already printed. This explains the date of July 27th on all the Treasure Hunt Packets.) 

The grandkids were really into the hunt. I was riding with three of my nephews: Cameron age 7, Will age 7 and Caden age 5. They were so excited to beat the other groups to the next site that they opened the car door before we got stopped. My husband had to put the child locks on the car doors to keep everyone safe!

It was amazing how much we learned and how much the kids remembered. It was so fun to get to know my Mom better and see the places that she grew up. It was the highlight of the reunion for everyone. I know it is something my kids and my nieces and nephews will always remember.

We have already asked Mom to prepare a similar treasure hunt about my Dad's childhood in Ogden, Utah for our next reunion. Do you have any special places or experiences from your past that you could share with your family?

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