Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Balloon Race Cars

Here is another fun and easy summer camp project that you can make with supplies you already have at home. 

To make these balloon powered race cars you will need:
A few pieces of cardboard
2 wooden skewers
2 Straws
A Balloon

(This image and instructions courtesy of Steve Spangler Science) 

You can find the instructions here.

The instructions were easy to follow and the kids were able to do most everything themselves (even cutting up the cardboard). We did help by cutting out the wheels.

A few tips: If you find that you blow up your balloon and the car won't go, check the wheels. The wheels need to be moved away from touching the sides of the cardboard car body or they can't turn properly. Once the kids repositioned the wheels out a little further that made all the difference.    


Something else we learned from trial and error: help the kids poke the hole through the wheels to attach them to the skewers. If the hole is too big, the wheels are continually falling off. 

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