Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday Sampler

Here are some of the things that have grabbed my attention this week.

1. I love finding fun ways to get my kids playing that doesn't involve technology. Katie will love these adorable Frozen play sets from Kiki and Company.

I can see her having so much fun cutting them out and playing with them with her friends. This cute downloadable set includes a sleigh and paper castle for just $3.00.

And you can get the add on Olaf for free!

2. I was so excited when I found this cute printable at Paging Super Mom. At the beginning of each school year I tell my students that the best thing that could happen to them this year is to make lots of mistakes! They always look surprised until I tell them that I love making mistakes because research has shown that the brain actually grows more after making mistakes and correcting them. This awesome book reinforces that message in such a fun way.  Barney Saltzberg illustrates how to take a mistake and make it beautiful and turn it into a work of art.

He uses torn paper, spills, squiggles and dots and incorporates them into the art of the story. I love this printable so the students can turn mistakes into works of art on their own.

Beautiful Oops! Printable

3. I was so grateful for this news article that alerted me to the danger of caffeine powders. This is a conversation that I need to have with my kids.

Caffeine Powder Overdose: Who is Protecting Teens?

4. Another conversation I need to have with my kids involves safe dating and avoiding sexual assault. I love the work of Mike Domitrz.

He developed the Date Safe Project after helping his sister deal with sexual assault on a date. I plan to teach my son to ask this question,  "May I kiss you?" every time he wants to kiss a girl.

I agree with Mike that our culture is disrespectful to women when it teaches men to be aggressive and just lean in for the kiss etc. and then teaches women to have to say "No" and resist if the attention is undesirable.

Learn more here:

And Here: 

5. Have you seen this Newsies Medley yet?

I love all the videos by BYU's Vocal Point. We have been watching them as a whole family. Katie seems to pull up a new one to show us every day. My other favorite is their cover for "Show Me Your Brave" by Sarah Bareilles.

Love the message of this song!
Have a great weekend.

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