Friday, July 11, 2014

Decorate Some Summer Flip Flops

This week in Transfigurations, the students at Hogwarts need to magically make over some flip flops. Here are some fun ideas.

Some with buttons....

and with strips of colorful fabric tied on the straps.
 I love these ones with beads.

 How about googly eyes!
 Or Feathers,

 Fabric bows,
 Or Balloons!

I love these flip flops with duck tape bows.

Find the tutorial here.

The wizards might find these flip flops too girly. They may want to try painting some.

Or making some flip flops out of Nutter Butter Cookies to pass off their assignment this week. 

Whatever you do, have fun fixing up some fancy footwear. Luna Lovegood will love them!

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