Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hogwarts Summer Fun Challenge Week 4 Results

The winner of this week's House Cup is....

Ravenclaw! Ravenclaw stole back the cup. This is how close the totals were:
Ravenclaw: 6.8
Gryffindor 6.6
Slytherin 6.2
Hufflepuff 5.8
Way to go Houses!!
Keep up the great work!

The students had a fun week completing all their Hogwarts classes and activities.

They made shadow puppets with their hands.

They transformed flip flops.

For Potions they had to make something with Rice Krispies

Here are a fun instructions for Rice Krispies with Peeps!

 Put 5 Peeps on top of melted butter. 

 Put 10 marshmallows on top of Peeps. 

Microwave on high for 1 minute. 

Add two cups of Rice Krispies and form. 

Now you have Rice Krispie Peeps Hearts!

The students read in a tent. 

They went on a photo scavenger hunt in nature. 

These students even discovered Big Foot's Nest!

And wrote a spooky campfire story. 

They did math problems with chalk on the side walk and a spray bottle of water. 

For Divination, students made their own fortunes and magically inserted them into fortune cookies. Some awesome students even made their own cookies!

Quidditch involved a fun game of Marco Polo in the water. 

My favorite class this week was Charms. The students did some weeding at a local cemetery. 
Some students even did their weeding while on vacation! 

Good Luck Students with Week 5! 

If you are participating with us on your own, here is the link to the classes and activities for this week: Hogwarts Week 5

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