Thursday, July 17, 2014

Family Game: Knock, Knock Your Socks Off!

For Quidditch this week, the Hogwarts students get to play the game Knock, Knock Your Socks Off! This is our favorite game to play as a family.

I discovered this game almost 15 years ago in Family Fun Magazine. We played it almost weekly for family night when my four oldest were small.  Playing games like this as a family is a great way to teach your child important social skills. In a safe family setting, kids learn how to be good sports and accept both winning and losing with grace. They learn how to play energetically without crossing the line and playing too rough. And they burn off a whole lot of energy in the process! What could be better?
All you need is a carpeted area of the floor and some socks. At the signal, (we shout "Knock, Knock Your Socks Off! together) all the participants crawl around on the floor on their hands and knees and try to grab the socks off the other participants. When you lose one of your socks, you can continue playing. When you lose both of your socks, you must sit out and watch the rest of the game from the couch. The last player with at least one sock still on wins.
Tip: Use only clean socks unless you want to have an unfair advantage over your opponents!
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