Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hogwarts Week 5 Results

We have finished Week 5 of the Hogwarts Summer Fun Challenge. The students had an amazing time and the winner of the House Cup this week is....

Our Ravenclaw students just can't be defeated! They are doing awesome with an average score this week of 6.8. Gryffindor was close behind with a score of 6.5 and Hufflepuff surged to move into third place. Good Luck Students as you complete the challenges for Week 6.

If you are participating on your own, here is the list of course and activities.

Hogwarts Week 6

Now lets see what the students accomplished for their classes in Week 5.

For Potions the students had to create a treat with a  Disney Theme:

 Here are 101 Dalmatians Ice Cream Sandwiches

Don't worry. Olaf wasn't really roasted! 

Here is Olaf in the summer swimming in a pool of blue jello!

  Here is a picture of the Frozen party one of our cute students had this week. 

 Here is Mickey with crackers and cookies.

And another yummy giant Mickey! 

And here are some cute Mickey pancakes. 

For Herbology the students had to create a boat from natural materials. 

For Quidditch the students played the game Knock, Knock Your Socks Off!

Please note: Do not play with House Elves or overly competitive children!

For Transfigurations the students had to magically transform a plain picture frame into a work of art!

For History of Magic the students had to read under the covers with a Flashlight. 

My favorite part of Week 5 was hearing about all the amazing inventions that the students thought up for Astrology. Here are a few examples:

I will invent a portable flying car/ time machine called the Pcar. Press a button and it shrinks to fit in any size pocket and then with the press of a button it will take you where or whenever you want to go.

I will invent a unicorn pegasus that has magic in her horn that will teleport you where you want to go and can fly at 100 miles per hour.

I will invent a music player that will play the song you want to hear just by saying the name of that song.

I will invent a special microphone that allows you to understand what animals are saying.

I will invent spray-on pants with retractable belts.

I will invent a robot that looks like my puppy Oscar that will do all my chores and clean up after itself. I will name it Oscar the second but in a robot version.

Great work students. The future is bright because of your magical imaginations! Good luck with Week 6!

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