Monday, July 21, 2014

Begin with the End in Mind

I have been working on recording the histories of my in-laws, Melvin and Dixie Rowley. They are incredible people. It has been a sacred experience to sit at their feet and listen to the stories of their lives. At the end of several days of intense interviewing, I ask them what they hoped to be remembered for.

Melvin said that he wanted to be remembered as a hard worker.

Dixie said that she wanted to be remembered as someone that loved her children.

What was so interesting about these responses is that I called my husband and asked him what he thought his parents would want to be remembered for. He quickly said "hard work" for his dad and "loved her children" for his mom. Isn't that amazing? They have lived their lives aligned with their truest values. And they will be remembered for the things that were most important to them.

As I worked on this project, I couldn't help but wonder what I would be remembered for. Is it for something that I want to be remembered for? Or something I wish I wouldn't be? Someone who was always on the computer, perhaps!

I titled this post Begin with the End in Mind.  Imagine you have come to the end of your life and you are asked, What do you want to be remembered for? Answer that question and then work backwards. What do you need to do right now so that you will be remembered that way? How can you make that important quality or action more visible in your life on a daily basis?

I hope I will be remembered as someone who prayed to God with great faith and always turned to Him for help in hard times. As I typed that sentence, I realized that we have gotten lax in our morning prayers this summer. Everyone wakes up at different times and I haven't been gathering my children to pray as often as I should. Something tells me that I need to change if I am going to be remembered the way that I hope I will be. Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

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