Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Musical Sprinkler Freeze

For Quidditch this week, the Hogwarts Students get to play Musical Sprinkler Freeze. I found this fun game at Awesome Kid Birthday Parties. com. Here are the instructions. 

Musical Sprinkler Freeze

The great thing about this game, is that everyone’s a winner (and everyone gets soaked!!).
What You’ll Need:
  • 1 or more sprinklers
  • Great party music and a music player (e.g.: CD player or iPod with speakers)
How to play:
  1. Set up the sprinkler(s) in the play area and have all the players gather round.
  2. Start the game with the sprinkler(s) turned off.
  3. Then turn on the music and encourage everyone to act goofy (e.g.: jump, dance, strike funny poses, etc.).
  4. When the music is turned off everyone must freeze immediately (holding whatever pose they were in when the music stopped) and get drenched until the sprinkler(s) are turned off again.
  5. Call attention to the funniest looking poses, the poses that are the hardest to hold, the most soaked player, etc.

Check out this site for more fun water ides and much more! 

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