Thursday, June 12, 2014

Slave for the Day- Last Minute Father's Day Gift Idea

How did it become Father's Day already? Are any of you like me and let Father's Day slip up on you?
If so, I have the perfect solution! Here is a FREE, fun, and easy gift for your kiddos to give their Dad. What Dad wouldn't want a personal slave for the day, right?

Simple print out our Free Printable and have your kids check the boxes with the things they are willing to do for their Dad on Father's Day!

My personal favorite is the Valet Parking! (J.K.!) I thought Dads would get a kick out of that. Although our dad's personal favorites will be the scalp massage and foot rub.

Be sure to have lots of yummy drinks and snacks on hand, throw in a yummy breakfast and you have a Father's Day celebration that will make Dad feel like the King he is! And won't it be fun to watch your kids serve the man that is always doing so much for them!

Be sure and take lots of photos.

Here are some other ideas from past years:

Father's Day QR Code Activity

Crazy Love Heart

Puzzle Heart

Playing Card Heart

Father's Day Secret Code with Decoder Heart

Dad will have to use the red cellophane heart as a super cool decoder to read the code key and decipher the message

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