Friday, June 7, 2013

Father's Day QR Code Activity

by Deborah Pace Rowley

By now you know how crazy I am about QR Codes. Almost as crazy as Dads are about their smart phones. So you have to know that this activity is a winner!

First, print out the three QR codes here and then choose which heart you want to use. These are the three choices. If you have three kids you can choose all 3.

Crazy Love Heart

Puzzle Heart

Playing Card Heart

Then on Father's Day tape the QR code you have chosen to your child's heart. This can be on her shirt or better yet on his/her chest. This will prompt lots of extra tickling from Dad on Father's Day which is a real plus!

Then have your child lie down and call out to his or her Dad, "Dad, can you come here? Something is wrong with my heart!!" For a young child, Mom can do the calling. Katie reminded me that she is going to say to her dad (who is a nurse), "You better scan it!"

Dad rushes in and looks at the QR Code. He knows that he will need his smart phone to diagnose the problem. He quickly scans the QR code which leads to one of the above Father's Day Greetings. Simple, quick and fun!! And better than another pair of socks.

If Dad doesn't have a QR Code reader on his smart phone, it is easy to download a free app that will do the trick.

If you don't have a smart phone but would like to print out the three Father's Day greetings, you can do that below.

Crazy Love Heart

Puzzle Heart

Playing Card Heart

Father's Day QR Codes

Enjoy a special Father's Day for all the great Dads out there. And stay tuned for another Father's Day gift idea next week. This one has a secret code and a special decoder.

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