Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hogwarts Summer School Week 2

By Deborah Pace Rowley

The families participating in our Hogwarts Summer Fun Challenge have just completed Week 2. Here are some of the activities that they participated in.

Growing Gummy Bears in Potions.

Making a crazy ice cream flavor also for Potions.

Making something out of folded paper in Transfigurations. 

And the favorite activity by far was Eye-Bombing for Herbology. 

You can read our previous post on how to have some fun eye-bombing here.

Nothing escaped the magic of these witches and wizards in their eye-bombing frenzy! We even had a park bathroom eye-bombed as well as a baby brother! Hopefully no Muggles were in the vicinity and needed to be mind-wiped as a result!

Now for the winner of the House Cup. The winner for Week 2 is..... *Drum Roll Please.

Gryffindor! The houses have really made it a race this week. Gryffindor is now in the lead with 29 points. Ravenclaw is a close second with 28 points. Slytherin is nipping at their heels with 27 points and Hufflepuff is bringing up the rear with 25 points. Great job to all the houses. Keep up the good work with Week 3!

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