Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Great Marshmallow Shoot Out

By Deborah Pace Rowley

One day at summer camp we held the Great Marshmallow Shoot Out. We had already made some PVC pipe shooters that we gave to half the campers. You can learn how to make PVC pipe shooters here. Then the other half made Balloon Cup Shooters and we had a competition to see which launcher worked the best. The kids had so much fun with this activity and Balloon Cup Shooters were so easy to make that I knew that we had to share.

To make a Balloon Cup Shooter all you need as a large round balloon, two plastic cups, some scissors and some mini marshmallows. (Large marshmallows would work great with this shooter too!)

First take two plastic cups and cut off the bottoms. Put the two cups together. You need two cups or the pressure from the stretched balloon will just cause the cup to collapse.

Then take your balloon and tie it closed. Then cut off rounded end. (Don't blow it up first.)

Then stretch the balloon around the top (uncut) side of the cups.

That is all there is to it. Now your super Balloon Cup Shooter is ready to go.

To shoot, all you need to do is put a marshmallow or two in the cup and then pull back on the tied balloon and let it go to send the marshmallows flying through the air.

The kids decided that the PVC pipe shooters were easier to aim but the balloon cup shooters had a greater range. Tip" If your balloon cup shooter isn't launching as well as you like, pull the balloon further onto the cups to stretch the balloon a little tighter.

Try making these at your next campout or anytime you have a bunch of kids together (and Dads for that matter) and watch the fun and the marshmallows fly!

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