Wednesday, June 11, 2014

15 Different Ways to Decorate a Pot

For Herbology this week at Hogwarts Summer School, the assignment is to decorate a pot and plant something in it.

Here are 15 different ways you could decorate your pot.

 Don't you love this footprint butterfly? 

 Stripes are so easy and fun. Just mask off a section or two with painter's tape. Then spray the rest with a can of spray paint. 

These geometric shapes or dots could be made with stencils or stickers

 Wrap your pot with pencils

Or with twigs

 Paint it with chalkboard paint. 

 This mosaic pot is made with broken plates. 

This one is made with tile grout spread all over the pot and then covered in tiny treasures- buttons, keys, locks, and gems-- then the grout is allowed to dry. 
 How fun are these photo planters! 

You could always paint a pot like a Ninja Turtle. 

 Cover a pot with gems...

 Or pour on some paint.

 These dots are stamped on this pot. 

Add some lace....
or some rick rack!

Or what if you didn't use a pot at all? Here are 7 fun alternatives!

 Rubber Boots

 Old Shoes

Or old Crocs!

 Bags or Purses

Tin Cans

Watering Can

Toy Dump Truck 

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