Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hogwarts Week 1 House Winner

We have finished our first week of Hogwarts Summer School! It was a fantastic week of learning and fun.

The winner for the House Cup for Week 1 was... (Drum roll please!)

Great job Ravenclaw students! The other houses were just a few decimal points behind so you better watch your back this coming week.
Here are some photos of the fun things our students did this week.

*Making something awesome with chocolate for potions.

*Having a water balloon fight for Quidditch!

*Planting something in a decorated pot for Herbology.

*Writing cheerful notes on the sidewalk for Charms.

*Making something amazing out of Cardboard for Transfiguration. 

* Writing to our Dads for Father's Day for Ancient Runes.

We even had one Gryffindor Student share his cool fort with his cousin from Slytherin. Way to go students! What a fantastic first week! Keep it up for Week 2.

If you are participating with your own Hogwarts Summer School, here is the list of Week 2 Classes and Activities.
Hogwarts Week 2

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  1. My twins are having so much fun doing the activities.Thank you so much

    1. We are so glad! The girls are in the lead in both of their houses too. They are making Hermione proud!


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