Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Crazy for Chocolate!

Chocolate Mud Cake

This week's assignment for Potions in the Hogwarts Summer Fun Challenge is to make something with chocolate. One easy way to do this activity is to make a yummy variation of hot chocolate by adding in some of your own original mix-ins. What happens when you add cinnamon bears to Hot Cocoa? Do you want to try? How about Reeses Peanut Butter Cups? Or Maple Syrup? If hot cocoa isn't your thing, (it is summer BTW!) then try it cold.

If you want to get really magical in the kitchen, try some of the other recipes listed below. The next six pictures of chocolate heaven came from Spoonful's compilation of 38 chocolate treats. You can find the recipes here.

 Cherry Chocolate Mice

Chocolate Lave Cakes

 Chocolate Mint Brownies

 Mint Chocolate Bark

Chocolate Fondu
Brownie Pizza

You could also try making your own CANDY BAR. Find lots of great candy bar recipes here

How about mixing chocolate with other foods you wouldn't think of? Like this Potato Chip Fudge!

 Or this Ritz Cracker Candy

How about a chocolate covered pickle? Or a Slim Jim Beef Stick? There are even chocolate covered jalepeno peppers!

Anyone dare give that a try? 
Of course, you could be really daring and cover bugs in chocolate! 

How about coming up with a chocolate potion of your own? 

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