Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Statues with a Flashlight

I love night games during the summer! For Astrology this week, the Hogwarts Students get to play statues in the dark with a flashlight. 

I love this idea from The Camping Family. 

Choose one person to be the museum tour guide and one to be a tourist. 
Everyone else is a statue. 
The tour guide gets the flashlight.
In the dark, each statue strikes an interesting pose and "freezes".
The tour guide turns on the flashlight and leads the tourist from one statue to another. 
As each statue is visited, the tour guide shines the light on the statue and describes the statue to the tourist, making the descriptions as comical as possible to try to get the statue to laugh or move.
The statue tries to stay perfectly still.
If the statue laughs or moves while in the flashlight beam, s/he is "out".
The tour guide should listen carefully. If there is a sound of movement, the guide can quickly shine the beam in that direction and try to get that statue "out".
The last remaining statue becomes the next tour guide.

You can also play Statues with just the museum tour guide. The Museum Tour Guide will move from frozen statue to frozen statue with his or her flashlight trying to get each one to laugh. 

Gather your family and some neighborhood kids and play statues today! 

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