Monday, June 2, 2014

Graduation Quilts

Graduation and Quilts just seem to go together in our house. I wanted to share some of the cute quilts we have given and received over the years for graduation.

Natalie's Young Women's group tied this beautiful quilt for her in American Fork colors.

Melissa was leaving for college in Southern Virginia after her graduation hence the Americana themed quilt.

Shannon chose her own color scheme for this graduation quilt. We gave her a ring of color swatches and asked her to choose 5. I think this quilt turned out beautifully, don't you?

Natalie's quilt is embroidered with hearts so she knows how much we love her.

Shannon made this quilt with all of her t-shirts from high school.

Natalie made this quilt with all of her jeans worn out in high school!

My brother and his wife made this adorable "graduation" quilt for me. I am the oldest in my family with five brothers. I started a tradition where I would make a story quilt like this for each of my brothers as they graduated from high school. I would design each quilt block to tell the story of all the things they were involved in during high school. There were squares for football, ski team, diving etc. Everyone got a quilt but me. So many, many, many years later, my brother Aaron set out to rectify this terrible injustice! He made this graduation quilt to exemplify everything my husband and I had done in our lives. I cried when I opened up this quilt. I couldn't believe all the work involved. Thanks AJ and Andrea. I still love it!

I know this post doesn't exactly fit our quick, cheap, and easy theme but I am surprised by how many quilts have been made around here by so many people who hate to sew!! Good thing we have our great friend Joelle and our awesome Mom and Grandma to help out.

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