Tuesday, March 4, 2014

More Reptile Fun

Here are a few other activities we have done to round out our study of reptiles. I have to admit I am not a reptile lover but these activities were lots of fun.


For this activity, the students made a paper lizard and then put him outside in different areas with a thermometer to see how his temperature varied in the sun and in the shade. Here the students took a picture of their lizard with the iPad's infa-red camera feature! Doesn't that look fun!

You can also follow the instructions at the link above to move your lizard around during the day and try to keep him alive by staying within his safe temperature zone! I think this would make the beginnings of a terrific elementary science experiment.

Snake Sniffers

For this activity I gathered up 10 different scents and put the scents on cotton balls. I made two cotton balls for each scent. Then I put the cotton balls in envelopes, mixed them up,and handed one envelope to each student. The scents were not labeled in any way. The students then had to wander around the room and sniff each other's envelopes until they could find their match. It was not as easy as it seems. This was lots of fun!

Toad Houses
The Reptiles Alive Website also has fun ideas for building toad houses out of clay pots.

Here are some other amazing toad house designs from Pinterest.

This website also has word searches and other fun reptile ideas.

Here is another one of the student's great camo chameleons. I found the camo chameleon idea at reptiles alive as well. Find that here.

And here is a fantastic Ted Talk for reptile and robot enthusiasts. Learn how scientists are using gecko feet as  model for building robots that can scale walls. Take that Spiderman!

All of these ideas would be fun for a reptile inspired birthday party or summer camp day!

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