Thursday, February 27, 2014

Leprechaun Treasure Hunt With QR Codes

Here is our favorite St. Patrick's Day Post from the past. If you didn't do this QR Code Treasure Hunt last year then you have to do it this year!

I am so excited about today's post. One of my favorite activities to do with my class is to send them on QR Code Treasure Hunts. I teach at an iSchool so each of my students has their own iPad. I love to send them hunting around the school for QR codes that they can scan. Each QR code leads them to different information that they can then fill out on their worksheets. The kids love it! I knew that I wanted to create a QR code treasure hunt for the blog as well and I knew that St. Patrick's Day would be the perfect opportunity. Didn't you know that leprechauns are totally savvy to modern technology? Blimey! Of course, they are. And they are going to place little QR code clues all around your house for your child to follow.
All you need to follow the Leprechaun's clues is a smart phone or an iPad or other tablet with a QR code reader. I use Qrafter Pro but there are lots of free QR code readers you can download if your phone doesn't come already equipped with one. First you will need to print out all the QR codes that I have prepared here. The awesome thing is that they are all in black and white so they are super cheap to print.
Just cut them apart and get a small treat ready. You can use gold coins or a candy bar or a small plate of cookies, anything your child would enjoy.

Once the treasure is prepared, hide the QR codes in the following locations:

Clue 1: Just give this to your child to start the treasure hunt.
Clue 2: Hide this in your child's bedroom on his or her bed. 
Clue 3: Hide this somewhere around your kitchen table or the place your child routinely eats.
Clue 4: Hide this on the TV that your child watches.
Clue 5: Hide this in the bathroom near the bathtub.
Clue 6: Hide this on the couch where your child likes to lounge.
Clue 7: Hide this in your child's dresser or closet where he/she keeps his/her clothes.
Treasure QR Code: Put this in the refrigerator taped to the treasure.

Now give your child the first QR code and teach him how to hold your phone over the code so that it will scan it. (Just open the QR code scanner and move the phone around until it can get a good, clear image.) When the leprechaun pops up, help your child read the clue. When you have solved the rhyming riddle, run to the next location and find the next QR code.
Note: This activity is perfect for children of all ages. My teenage son loved hunting the clues with his little sister. Even a child as young as 3 can scan a QR code with help and listen as Mom or Dad reads the clues. Of course, leprechauns can be tricky and depending on your child's age they may hide the QR code in plain sight or make it a little harder to find! Modern technology creates such a fun twist to old-fashioned fun. Enjoy your treasure hunt together!
I am excited to create QR Code treasure hunts for other special occasions so stay tuned! 

P.S. For anyone who doesn't have a smart phone or doesn't have the ability to scan QR codes, I have created a document with all the leprechaun's rhyming clues here:

You can simply print out the clues and hide them as directed above in the traditional way. 

Either way you play, you can also print out this fun rainbow to add to your treasure at the end of the hunt!

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  1. This is Cool! Here is another treasure hunt game which is easy to set and fun to play - Home Treasure Hunt (

  2. We had so much fun doing this. Thanks!! I told the kids that the QR code was "leprechaun writing." I said, "I wonder if Google can read it" and opened my QR Scanner. :) Great time together!


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