Thursday, February 20, 2014

Country Day: England

We are back to celebrate the country of England. Check out these links to our past posts about Africa, Russia, and France. Then enjoy these fun activities for learning about the beautiful country of England. I spent six months living in England as a college student and fell in love with the culture and people. My favorite thing to do was take the Tube to one of the many incredible museums in London and then picnic along the Thames. I even fed the pigeons in Trafalgar Square and once fell off a red Double Decker Bus. I am excited to share my memories of England with my children.

English Crafts

Build your own London Bridge or make a Big Ben out of Legos.

Edible Tea Cups- How adorable are these tea cups for tea with the queen?
Or these?

Hot Chocolate Tea Cups

More English Crafts
Find the instructions for making the queen hat, the robin hood hat, the craft stick palace guards and more!

Look at these cute miniature bows and arrows for Robin Hood and all his little Merry Men. Purchase the kits here or make your own with fun foam, frilled end toothpicks and a small branch and some string.

I love both the bus and telephone booth craft. Or make the phone booth a Tardis by painting it blue! Find the instructions here.

British Bobby Paper Doll and More
Find this cute paper doll to color as well as a British bobby that you could make with a toilet paper roll, English crackers, and many more activities.

English Foods

Union Jack Fruit Pizza

English Trifle

English Scones

All I every really ate in England was McVitie's Digestive Biscuits. One of my close friends has a son serving a mission in England. When he told her he was eating lots of Digestive Biscuits, she thought he was having stomach problems! But really, these are just delicious cookies! You can wash them down with a bottle of squash!

Games Played by English School Children

Playground Games from England
Go to this link for fun games like Queenie-Queenie, 5 Stones, and Please Mr. Crocodile!
I love this funny rhyme!

Please Mr. Crocodile,
May I cross the water?
To see my baby daughter
Who lives in a cup and saucer!
 se m
y crocodile,

English Songs

London Bridge is Falling Down Lyrics
(There are lots more verses than I knew about!)

Ring Around the Rosie

Grand Old Duke

English Expressions

Do you know the meaning of the word Lorry? How about Boot?

Is it this?

Or This?

How about the Loo? Share these fun English expression by labeling different items around the house.
Find lots of fun English expression here.

Picture Books About England

Great Movies Set in England

I hope you enjoy this round up of activities about England. Cheerio!

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