Monday, January 27, 2014

Country Day: Russia

I have been thinking that it would be fun to feature a different country each week and spotlight crafts and activities that you could do with each country. With the Winter Olympics right around the corner in Sochi, it made perfect sense to start with Russia. Both my parents and my brother-in-law Adam served a church mission in the beautiful country of Russia. They love the people and the memories they created there. Share a few of these activities with your family, preschool class or cub scout troop today.

Fun Books About Russia

Activities To Do With The Book "THE MITTEN"

Great Movies with a Russian Theme or Russian Characters

Russian Crafts

with Free Printable Patterns

Russian Foods

Russian Games

Russian Fairy Tales

Enjoy the adventures of the mighty knight Ruslan, the beautiful "dead" princess, Ivan Tsarevich, Prince Gvidon and many others. 

Russian Music and Dancing

Watch this fun video and then try out your hand at some traditional Russian Dancing!

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