Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mystery Chore Rewards with QR Codes

January is a great time to revamp your chore system. I always feel the need to clean house and implement some changes in the new year. Here is a fun way to reward your kids for doing their chores. I left the logistics of the system up to you. You can decide how many chores your kids need to do to get the reward. Maybe you want to reward them less often or more often. Maybe you want them to work harder and do a better job on their chores. Or maybe you want them to stick to their jobs and get them done consistently. You will have to decide how to make these rewards work for you.

Here are the QR Code Rewards I have so far! I may just need to update this post with more possible rewards regularly.

1. Ice Cream Cone

2.  Movie Night

3. Late Bedtime

4. Date with Dad

5. Date with Mom

6. New Toy

7. New Game

8. New Book

9. Out to A Restaurant

10. Play Date with a Friend

All I can say is that these QR Codes will be rewarding. There is something about the mystery that drives kids crazy. They just have to earn the reward to find out what it is!!

Print out the QR Codes and laminate them for durability.  (Cut off the sentence that tells what the reward is, of course! That is just to help Mom know which rewards you want to use.)

Stick them in a cute jar with the label that I have provided and let the kids know what they have to do to earn a reward. Then kick up your feet and watch in wonder as the chores magically get done. Once the reward has been earned, let your kids draw a QR Code from the jar and use your smart phone or tablet to see their mystery prize! Doing work has never been so much fun!

Chore Rewards Labels

QR Code Chore Rewards

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