Monday, January 20, 2014

Tropical Beach Day in the Winter

Last week I posted about having a fun snow day. But you might be sick of the snow and dreaming about a warm tropical beach. I know I am! My parents are leaving tomorrow on an 18-day cruise to Hawaii. Here are some fun activities you can do if you are snowed in and dreaming of an island adventure. Choose a few of these activities the next time you and your kids are about to kill each other with cabin fever.

1. Decorate for the Sun. Lay out lots of beach towels and a beach chair or two.

2. Wear your best beach attire. Dig out the shorts and swimsuits. Crank up the thermostat. (Just don't tell Dad!)

3. Put on some Beach Boys Music and have a dance party!

4. Take some pictures pretending to surf on the couch, the kitchen table or the chair!

5. Paint in the Bathtub while wearing your swimsuit

Bathtub Painting with a recipe from the Artful Parent.

6. Decorate some sunglasses

Here is a tutorial with free printables: Make some sunglasses

7. Make a sun catcher

Sun catcher with Crayon Shavings from Buggy and Buddy!

8. Eat some summer fun food

(Don't you just love those flip flops! It looks like they are made with sandwich cookies, frosting, licorice rope or fruit roll ups along with an M&M or Skittle in the middle.)

9. Make a tropical smoothie and stick a little paper umbrella in it for added fun!

Here is a great recipe: Fruit Smoothie

10. Read a summer book. Here are a few of my favorites.

11. Watch a summer movie. Here are some great choices. I particularly like Sandlot and The Original Parent Trap!

Or have you seen this classic?

12. Play Beach Volleyball by putting up some string across the living room and getting on your hands and knees in position for a crab walk. To play, kick the beach ball over the string with your feet.

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