Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Country Day: France

Here are some fun activities to help you learn about France. Also check out past country day posts on Russia and Africa at these links.  Find the cute French Paper Doll shown above here.

Learn a few French Words

The French words for foods, colors, and polite phrases are given at the great site below. Along with other fun France Day ideas.

French Words

Try some French Foods 


Other ideas include French Fries, French Toast, French Bread, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, Croissants, Quiche and Chocolate Mousse.

One middle school French teacher wrote that a favorite of her students on food days is the chocolate sandwich. Take two pieces of French bread and put a plain chocolate bar in between. Voila! A typical French child's favorite after school snack!

Create a work of art in the style of French Master

Paint in the Style of Monet

Paint in the Style of Picasso

Pose like the famous statue by Rodin

Play a French Game

Play Escargot

Make your own Bilboquet with Recycled Materials

Build a French Landmark

Eiffel Tower Cookie Sundae

Learn about Napolean Bonaparte

Biography of Napoleon for Kids

Make Napoleon's Hat

Make an Easy Balloon Sword

Have A Bike Race in honor of the Tour De France

Decorate your bikes first in the colors of the french flag- Red, White, and Blue!

Learn about Mime and play a pantomime game

The link below includes so many fun pantomime games like the Mirror Exercise, Pass the Face, Human Props, a Pantomime Tug of War and more. They sound like so much fun!

Pantomime Games

Teach and Sing a French Song

Frere Jacques Lyrics

Watch a Movie set in France

Read some Books set in France

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