Friday, February 7, 2014

Country Day: Africa

I am continuing our Country Day series, this time with Africa. I have included lots of fun books, movies, games, foods and crafts for learning about this amazing place.

See our Country Day post about Russia here and stay tuned as we feature more countries to learn about with your kids.

Books about Africa

And Two Great Books about Nelson Mandela

This one above was just published and is called simply "Mandela." 

African Foods



Sweetcorn bread or Mealie

African Games

Go on a Number Safari by hiding numbers around the room or around the house. You can even make some binoculars out of toilet paper rolls to help you spy the numbers more effectively. For a fun variation, hide groups of stuffed animals (7 stuffed bears for example) and have your kids take pictures of each group of animals in order. 1- Giraffe, 2- Plastic Hippos 3- Rubber Snakes etc.


5 Fun African Games This list includes such fun games as Stockings, Nyama- Nyama- Nyama, and Kudoda.

Great Movies with African Settings

The Lion King


The Gods Must Be Crazy

African Crafts

African Animal Crafts

Cave Drawings/ Sand Paper Art

African Masks

African Drum

African Folk Tales

African Folk Tale and Fables for Kids

Traditional African Dancing

Learn an african dance with this dance video!

Dress in Traditional African Clothes by draping brightly colored cloth around your body and your head turban style!

How to Wrap an African Style Kanga

Or check out this gorgeous African Paper Dolls Book.

African Paper Dolls

And don't forget to celebrate Kwanzaa!
Here are two great sites with lots of fun ideas.

Kwanzaa for Kids

Activity Village- Kwanzaa
The activity village site includes free printables!

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