Monday, February 3, 2014

QR Code Valentines

I am so excited to share these cute QR Code Valentines with you today! You are absolutely going to love them. 

(Now you don't ever have to feel like Charlie Brown!)

Each QR Code pulls up the funniest Valentine GIF. Check them out below. Even my teenagers are excited to pass these out to their friends. 

The best part is that I have made the Valentines themselves in black and white. You know I love saving the money on printing. They are still super cute and you can attach some candy or something if you are really ambitious. Plus they look so hip and technologically savvy and all that! Your kids will be so popular if they give these out.

AND I love the mystery element. There are eight different Valentines to choose from with eight different QR Codes.

It makes me smile to think that everyone who receives one of these valentines will be racing home to find a smart phone with a QR Code reader.

I am CRAZY about you Valentine!

And if they can't find a smart phone, they will never know the answer to the mystery.... How do you feel about them? They Will Never Know! This fact makes it a mystery for the giver too. Will they be able to read it or won't they? That is half the fun.

I am Your BIGGEST Fan, Valentine!

Do you have any cute girls who would dare give out this Crush Valentine?

Don't you want to give this one to your kids?

You are my Favorite Minion! 

There are some great ones for boys.

Dude, we are a Posse! 
Happy Valentines Day. 

I think you are the BOMB, Valentine!

And some great ones for girls.

We are Best Friends Forever! 

There is even one for your hubby!

I Wuv You, Valentine!

Here is the link to all the Valentines.

QR Code Valentines by Puddle Wonderful Learning

Print them out on card stock paper and make sure you cut off the information in parenthesis that tells what Valentine it is! But don't do that until you have attached someone's name to it. Or you just might accidentally give the crush Valentine to the wrong boy and that would be awkward!

Happy Valentines to All  of YOU with Love!

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