Tuesday, March 18, 2014

{DIY} Cheap and Easy Puppet Stage

My students have been busy making puppets of different historical heroes. I knew I needed a cheap and easy puppet stage and hit upon the perfect solution.

First, I purchased a tri-fold science fair display board for about $2.50 in the school supplies area of our local Walmart. Then I cut out a square opening in the middle and attached some curtains with fabric I already had at home. Finally, I stuck on a bright paper valance and a festive sign. Voila! The perfect puppet stage was born.

The curtains were simply glued into place on either side of my opening with a hot glue gun. They do not open and close but nobody seems to mind too much.

I did have to bend the sides of the display board in the opposite direction than they were designed to go. I did this because I wanted the white background to face out. I was worried that I might rip the cardboard but it was resilient and bent in the opposite direction just fine. 

My students have loved acting out their puppets and sharing historical information about their heroes behind our stage. I simply set it up on a table and it is the perfect height to hide behind.

There is something about a puppet stage that brings out the dramatic side of everyone!

What creative puppets and shows could your kids create for this fun stage? Try it out and see!

We used the following Instructables for creating our amazing papier mache puppets. The puppet part wasn't easy as the puppet stage... but so much fun!

Papier Mache Head Puppets

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