Friday, March 21, 2014

Native American Indian Projects

We recently finished up our Native American Indian unit at school. Here is a sampling of my favorite projects from that unit.

Indian Dioramas
The students were divided into groups to create some Indian Dioramas. They were to research their assigned tribe and then create a diorama that illustrated the following four things:
The Place the Tribe Lived
Their Houses (Hogans, Long Houses, Tepees etc.)
Their Clothing
Their Food
I provided scrapbooking paper and clay to help the students get started. I think the addition of the specialty papers with sky, sand, forests etc. really helped get their creative juices going. Everything else the students created with materials from home. Aren't you impressed?

 Pueblo Indian Tribe

Iroquois Indian Tribe

 Navajo Indian Tribe

Sioux Indian Tribe

We followed a fantastic tutorial by There's a Dragon in my Art Room. Click on the link above. The kids were crazy about this project and several students created two or three different headbands, arm bands, bracelets etc. We used meat trays donated by our local Fresh Market meat department. They worked out great. 

Indian Cave Drawings
Here are some of our cave drawings. Each of the students had to tell a story using the Indian symbols that I provided. They then wrote their story in a circle on a piece of large paper bag. Several of the students crumpled their bags to make them look more authentic!

Find a great printout of Native American picture symbols here.

Finally, here is a gorgeous Sacajawea puppet made by one of my students.

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