Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Letter of the Week {Ww}

We are finally getting around to finishing our letter of the week posts. Here are some fun activities for you to do with the letter Ww. Stay tuned for X, Y, and Z in the next three weeks and find the rest of our Letter of the Week posts here.

Snack Ideas:

Watermelon is the most obvious choice. I love the idea of attaching popsicle sticks to make these watermelon wedges easy to hold.

You could also whip up a delicious watermelon fruit slush.

Or how about Waffles and Whipped Cream! It wouldn't get any easier than these mini Eggo Waffles. Yum!

Dirt Cups with Worms

Favorite Books:

Learning Activities:

Watermelon Seed Counting. I just use our leftover watermelon seeds from snack for counting. The kids love saving their seeds and washing them off before matching them to the correct watermelon in this fun and easy activity.

Water Activities:
You won't believe all the amazing activities to do with water over at The Measured Mom. Love them!

Water Math and Science Activities

I especially love her Water Balloon Math for Number Recognition.

And this fun activity to see what happens when different objects are left in the water for a period of time.


Paper Bag Whale

Watermelon Fan
I love this cute fan by Crafts By Amanda.

There are several cute worm crafts out there.
I love this one.
Doesn't this Wiggle Worm game sound fun?

Wiggle Worm Game

Free Printables:

Get your Letter of the Week Tracing Worksheets here.
Get your Alphabet Flash Card here.

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