Saturday, March 8, 2014

Spring Break Staycation with QR Codes

We have three different Spring Breaks around our house with different colleges, high schools and elementary school schedules. So going away for Spring Break isn't really possible this year. But I still want to do something to make the time off fun for my kids. Thus the Spring Break Staycation was born!

I have created 6 different theme day ideas.
We have:

Wizard Day
Pirate Day

Knight Day

Super Hero Day

Drama Day

And Pajama Party Day

You can choose to do all six days for your stay-cation or just a day or two to enliven your week. The idea is simple. On the morning of your special day, just put the QR code in an envelope or wrap it up in a fancy box. Let your kids open it and scan the QR Code with your smart phone or tablet. That's it!

I am serious! When the kids scan the day's QR Code, the fun picture will appear announcing the theme of the day. Then after they scroll down they will see a list of possible activities they can participate in that day. They can pick and choose the activities that they want to do or create some of their own and the fun begins! I wouldn't get anything ready ahead of time. This isn't some massive six-day birthday party that Mom has to put on for the kids!

Here is a list for the Wizard Day:
Make Magic Wands
Mix Magical Potions
Learn some Magic Tricks
Perform in a Magic Show
Create some original magic spells
Watch a movie about Wizards
Try some Trick Photography and make someone disappear
Make a fairy house outside with objects from Nature
Read a magical book
Write with magical disappearing ink
Make a wish on a magic star

Each list contains 10 to 15 possible activity ideas. The list is just a jump-start and some inspiration for having fun together. Don't shop ahead of time for any special foods or supplies. Taking the kids shopping to find the perfect foods for Pajama Party Day (in their pajamas, of course) is half the fun. Let the kids own it. Let them figure it out. Let them take it away. Trust me. That is half the fun.

If you don't have all the supplies needed, that is okay. Let them improvise. You will be amazed at what they come up with on their own. Good luck creating a memorable stay-cation at home this year. You may have so much fun that it becomes a tradition every year. Enjoy!

Staycation QR Codes for all six theme days

Theme Day Pictures
(Use these if you don't have a QR Code reader and want to put the pictures in envelopes.)

Here are the lists of Activities for each day if you want to go directly there without the QR Codes:

Wizard Day

Knight Day

Pirate Day

Drama Day

Pajama Party Day

Super Hero Day

*Thanks to Phillip Martin for the cute free clip art used in this post. Pin It

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