Saturday, October 5, 2013

Who is Hiding in Our House? Halloween QR Code Activity

By Deborah Rowley

I am excited for a special QR Code Activity I have planned for my class. I am going to hide some Halloween creatures around our school! How am I going to do that, you ask? Special QR Codes will reveal the lurking monsters behind closed doors, closets, and storage cupboards in our classroom.  I even have some critters to hide in the microwave, the student's fridge and the kids' bathrooms.

You can join in the fun by hiding some Halloween friends around your house. I designed these QR Codes for the younger set. These visitors aren't scary. They are cute and fun and guaranteed to bring smiles to everyone who hunts for these happy Halloween guests.

Simply print off the free QR Codes that are provided below. Cut them apart and place them in unsuspecting places around your house. Consider putting one QR Code on the trapdoor to the attic. Another QR Code could be placed on the dryer door. How about putting one on the trash compactor and another one on the door to the linen cupboard. Put the QR codes any place a Halloween friend could hide.

Then give your child a smart phone or tablet with a QR Code reader like Qrafter Pro and let them discover who is hiding in their house.

Find the QR Codes Here.
If you want you can actually plant a plate of goodies where your last QR Code is hidden. This is the picture that comes up with the last QR Code I have planned.

Tell your kids that if they dare to open the door where this QR Code is planted, they will get a treat!

Stay tuned for the scarier QR Codes that I have planned for the older students in my class.

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