Thursday, October 3, 2013

Feel Great in 8 Challenge

Yesterday I posted about Old King Cole making healthy food choices. How about the rest of us?!! My sister Tiff is starting another round of Feel Great in 8 on Monday. I absolutely love her program and have done it with my cute teenage girls. If you are looking at entering the holiday season with some extra help and motivation to stay healthy, this is the way to go! It is amazing! 

October Feel Great in 8 Challenge - Let's Spread the Word!

The next round of the Feel Great in 8 Challenge starts on Monday, October 7th!

First of all though, I just have to tell you something...

I had the coolest, cheesiest, most realistic dream last night. I woke up with it fresh in my mind and I've been thinking about it all day.

I'm going to tell you about it, but no making fun of me and my cheesiness. ;)

In my dream, the October challenge was the biggest yet. 10,000 participants to be exact...realistic, right?! {haha}

That's not to cool part though, in the dream we were all together. 10,000 of us walking together down a long road. We were holding hands, patting backs, and had arms around each others shoulders. We were this huge force of positivity, cheering each other on, lifting each other up, and supporting each other to the finish. We were strong and brave and happy.

As I type this I can seriously still feel it. You guys, it was awesome! 

So, today I've been thinking about how we can make it happen. Something magical is coming, I know it.

I just need your help to get it going. Take a minute to think of anyone you know (or 10 people you know) who need this, who want to join us on this healthy path, and would love to be part of this amazing group of support. 

Let's use pinterest, facebook, emails, texts, actual phone calls, face-to-face chats, and even twitter to spread the word! *Just don't ask for my help with that last one, I'm not cool enough to understand twitter. :)

It's going to be amazing.
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