Monday, October 28, 2013

{DIY} Tin Can Jack O'Lanterns

By Deborah Rowley

My students made these super cute tin can jack o'lanterns last week. It was surprisingly easy and even possible to supervise 12 students doing this safely. I think it would make a great last minute project for a cub scout troop or a group of Activity Days girls or even for a friend party after school. Or just make up some as a family to add to your holiday decor.

Step 1: Gather the following items:
Empty can. (I used soup cans primarily for my class.)
Bag of Rice (We used towels for this step in class since I didn't have enough bags of rice for everyone)
Orange Spray Paint or Craft Paint
Green Chenille Stem or Metal hanger that you don't care about anymore
Tea light candle

Step 2: Fill the can with water and freeze overnight.
This makes it easy to pound the holes in the tin can. Without the water, the tin can gives too much against the force of the hammer and nail.

Step 3: Lay the can filled with ice on the bag of rice. This will help steady the can as you pound on it. If you are doing a large group, simply give each person a towel to place under the can and support it.

Step 4: Pound the holes in the can to make the face desired. Some of my students drew their face on the can first with a Sharpie marker. Other students just did their face freehand. Don't forget to pound two holes on either side of the face to hold the handle.

Step 5: Set the can under running hot water to melt the ice. Then dry the can and spray paint it orange.
Let dry.

Step 6: Attach the handle either with a chenille stem or a bent wire hanger. Insert a tea light candle and light it up for a fun, spooky face!

This idea came from Martha Stewart. So you can feel extra hip and cool just for trying it. Here are the fancy ones that she created for a display.

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