Monday, October 7, 2013

What is Lurking in Your House? Scary Halloween QR Codes

By Deborah Rowley

You may have read our previous post about the kid friendly QR Codes I created for Halloween here.. In that post I mentioned a big kid version!

Here are the scary creatures that I am going to hide around my school for my students to hunt for and find. Underneath each picture I have listed the place that I am going to put that QR Code. You may not have a classroom but you can hide these QR Codes anywhere you want to delight the older kids at your house.

(This QR Code is going on the door to Brent DeGraff's Classroom. He is our school's favorite teacher. He has a dancing skeleton in his classroom and is famous for using an ax to get kid's attention! )

(This QR Code will go on the door to Jason Lloyd's Classroom. He is our resident FBI agent/ Science Teacher in Disguise.) 

(I will put two QR Codes on the mirrors in both the girls and the boys bathrooms.)

(This QR Code is destined for the strange storage closet that no one ever goes in because no one is quite sure what is in there....) 

(Can you think of a more perfect place for this QR Code than the Microwave in the Cafeteria?)

(The QR Code for this big guy is going on the door to my classroom because this is what I look like when I am upset!)

(I just might have to put two of these QR Codes on the backs of the toilets in the girls and boy's bathrooms. If I don't do that.... the drinking fountain might be a good second choice!)

(The Ronald McDonald Zombie QR Code has to go on the student fridge in the cafeteria! Do you think he will make anyone lose their appetite?)

(The Wicked Witch will be lurking behind her QR Code in the Janitor's Closet.)

To create your own houseful of spooky Halloween guests, simply print out the QR codes below. Cut them apart and cut off the (text in the parenthesis) that tells who that QR Code is. Then hide them on the openings to doors and cabinets and cupboards around your house.

Then give your kids a smart phone or tablet with a free QR Code reader and send them on a monster hunt around the house for unwanted Halloween visitors!

Scary Halloween QR Codes

Reminder: If you have younger children who will be scared by these images, see our kid-friendly QR Codes at this post.

Once my students have found all our creepy Halloween visitors, I am going to switch out these QR Codes for a different set that include answers to silly Halloween Jokes. Stay tuned for that post later in October! Happy Halloween!

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